Design Challenge: Space Adventure

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101 Main St, Irvington, NY 10533, USA
Jan 17 2019
Mar 14 2019
Design Challenge
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Class dates

01/17/2019, 01/24/2019, 01/31/2019, 02/07/2019, 02/14/2019, 02/28/2019, 03/07/2019, 03/14/2019


All design challenge classes focus on planning before projects can begin. Theses challenges use the engineering design process as a strategy for solving problems.

This take mixes randomly assigned roles in a fantasy world to challenge students to create solutions for survival in this randomized criteria. Working in teams, they have to solve problems of creating a peaceful, sustainable, enjoyable “world” while addressing the random needs and preferences of their combined characters. Students first create the fantasy world and then build a working model.


Participants must currently be in grades 3 to 5.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 10

Maximum: 12

Registration period

Registration starts on 12/12/2018 and ends on 01/03/2019.


101 Main St, Irvington, NY 10533, USA
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